Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby steps...

I started off my adventure into making baby food for my twin girls with all the prep I could.  I researched online (of course).  There are several websites that provide baby food recipes, ideas and guidelines.  I also asked the advice of baby food veterans I knew.  Here is what I've come to so far: 

This is half the point of making it for me.  Twins equal more food and more expense.  I figure it also means I can make baby food in bulk and not worry about it going to waste (especially if I'm able to freeze it) not to mention convenience (hopefully) and knowing exactly what is going into it.  The advice I got for storage was this...ice cube trays and freezer bags.  Simple enough.  So I'm steering clear of expensive tubs and storage containers unless this method fails me.  

Next I decided to buy a couple of books.  Annabel Karmel is a name that apparently becomes pretty well known in infant and child nutrition circles.  She offers books on how to make baby food and meal planning for children of all ages.  Once we get out of this stage perhaps we'll move onto her other editions.  I ended up going with Starting Solids and Healthy Baby Meal Planner based on the reviews I read.  Be advised to always check with your pediatrician if you are concerned about food allergies and when to introduce certain foods.  Some reviews I read on other books stated that recipes called for such things as honey, strawberries and other things that were inappropriate for the age group.  Also a recipe book isn't really necessary.  Mostly you are steaming or cooking fruits and veggies and then pureeing them with breast milk, water or formula.  As your child ages you change the texture and way you cook things, and add in more and more selection. 

Then it was time for gear.  Where to start?  I was told that a hand blender, small food processor or even a full-size blender would work just fine for my first few months.  Later I would need to add in a food mill or ricer in order to get different textures and mouth feel as my twins aged.  I decided to start with the following:  microwave steamer, a mashing utensil, a Cooks 5-in-1 power blender (thanks to my parents from Christmas...not intended for this use so we'll see how it goes), freezer bags and regular ice cube trays (after some debate over lidded ones and a Wilton silicone brownie pan).
*as a side note I have not tried any of the items that are linked.  I linked them based on the reviews I have read and interest in them myself.  I will review items that I do try during my adventures* 

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