Price Comparison

** I am attempting to put together a price comparison of making baby food vs buying  **

I am only factoring in the cost of food per ounce (based on per ounce price of 4 oz bottles).  Obviously you could also factor in cost of travel (gas, car maintenance, etc) to buy baby food or produce at the store (these  cancel each other out), cost of your time to make it, cost of tools to make it (although most baby food can be made using tools you already have in your home),  etc.  Plus there are other factors such as your peace of mind from knowing exactly what is going into your baby's food and being able to add variation beyond the bottles and also your child becoming accustomed to the food you eat in your home.

Prices of manufactured baby food were found at my local Walmart (I figure they are probably the cheapest) and price of produce to make baby food is based on my local grocer (not Walmart...I can't stand their produce).  You can also factor in a garden if it will supplement your produce needs (although again considering the time, effort, tools, etc to bring in a crop and the time of year/season as to if it's feasible).  There are honestly a lot of factors to consider and I can't begin to think I could cover individual situations so therefore I stuck with the simple (as stated above).