Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Few Favorite Food Sites...

I have been trying to research more solid finger foods and meals as the girls are quickly approaching one year old.  I am looking forward to getting expensive formula out of the equation but I am worrying as it's like my crutch and I know the girls are getting some balanced nutrition from it.  So in an effort to find healthy food that provides good nutrition I refer you to a couple of my new favorites:  (this is by Dr Brown's ; I found this on Pinterest and I am excited to try some of the recipes)  (I also like the recipes on this page).  (this page has links for sample daily menus (amounts, type of food, etc) for 8-12 and 1 year old...awesome!)

Basically I am thinking of making this my own personal link (and yours) to recipes I find online for babies and older children.  I am not crazy enough to think or claim I know enough about nutrition to lead anyone down that path but I do love sharing the information I find (plus organizing for my own purpose).  Enjoy these and if you try a recipe let me know how it goes.

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