Monday, August 1, 2011

Goodbye Organic Store...Hello Smith's

I made my second trip to the organic store near my house to (hopefully) pick up some broccoli, sweet potatoes, pears and apples.  Their produce selection was a disappointment to say the least.  The only items they had were apples, pears, oranges and some sad looking vegetables that weren't even on my radar for baby food (ever).  I decided to get some pears and apples as these are always favorites at our house.  I asked the cashier when they expected to get more produce and got thee lamest excuse ever.  He told me he didn't know and that they ordered it and then the supplier brought it when they could (and if they did) and that the big box stores were probably getting their produce.  Oh boy!  Really?  The big bad box store is stealing your produce?  Can't you just admit you don't know because generally I think people get what they order (if they pay for it).  I hate Walmart just like everybody else but I still shop there.  Although I've looked for organic produce there and with the exception of carrots haven't had much luck.

So I headed over to Smith's to check out their produce and discovered they have an organic section in their produce department.  Sweet!  I will be making stops here more often with this new found knowledge.  They had as good of a selection as the organic store and prices were also comparable.  So if you are interested in anything organic try your local Smith's or keep an eye out at other large grocery store and let me know what you find.  Thanks.

** I am not 100% organic so I'm sure there are benefits to shopping at these stores if you are.  Also I would love a Whole Foods close by but have no such luck in my area **


Tiffany said...

Haromons also has a pretty good organic selection. They mix everything together (ie, organic apples next to non-organic apples) so make sure you read the signs.

Michelle D said...

Awesome!! Thanks Tiffany. I haven't shopped at Harmons in years due to location but I will have to give them a shot :)