Saturday, August 6, 2011

Organic Broccoli Puree

Sorry for my slacking.  I think I've reached the point of some boredom with pureeing...again.  I don't mind making it but posting about it is not as fun.

Organic Broccoli Puree
I used 3 stalks of broccoli florets.  I cut off the florets and put them in my pot steamer basket.  Steamed for about 8 minutes.  I tossed them in my large blender and added some water (add water slowly...I put too much in so this batch will be more of a mix-in than a stand-alone).  Since it was so liquid though it did make it really easy to pour directly from the blender to the ice cube tray.

Prep/Cook Time:  15 minutes
Servings:  approximately 20
Price: $1.54 sale ($1.66 regular) @ Smith's
Note:  This was pretty runny when I reheated it from the freezer.  I've been using it as a mix-in with other vegetables and they seem to like it.

Kendall - 2 stars
Seren - 2 stars
*I mixed it in with some squash for dinner and it improved the ratings to 3 stars*

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