Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dropping the Bottle...

We are dropping the bottle.  In fact we've dropped every bottle except for their bedtime bottles.  I know we should but I'm scared.  It has been so easy to drop their other bottles (thus we still have formula left) that I worry it's like this means the bedtime bottle has a trick up it's sleeve.  But I promised myself that once the formula runs out that they are done with bottles.  No going back.

On that note we have also been search for a better sippy.  I had been using the Take N Toss sippy for a while.  They seem to like the hard spout better.  I added in a cheap Nuby style (also with a hard spout) but they seemed to like the handles.  But then the Take N Toss ones started to leak more and more.  So I was on the look out for a shorter sippy with an easy grip.  Which brings me to my favorite sippy of all time now.  They are easy for the girls to hold and drink from, they don't leak and they are simple to wash.

Oh yes, the bottle dropping went well.  Probably to easy.  We ran out of formula and threw away the bottles to prevent temptation.  The first night went okay but they woke up a couple hours later.  They cried.  They cried for an hour (well actually more like just one cried) and then when she tired out and gave up our other twin girl cried for 20 minutes.  We tried a couple times early on to calm them down and to give them a sippy, both of which just made them worse.  By the time our second child was crying we gave up and fed them some oatmeal.  Once their tummies were full they went back to sleep...yeah!  The next night we gave them oatmeal before bed and had no issues.  Now we feed them dinner with us around 6pm and then start bedtime routine around 6:30pm and haven't had another issue since the first night.

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