Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Avacado Attempt

I had read that avacado was a perfectly wonderful first food to try.  I went to my local market and picked up some starter foods to prepare:  avacados, green beens, bananas and a yam (I can't find "sweet potatoes" anywhere and read yam is different but very similar...I'm hoping).

So today after nap time and close to meal time I took out the avacado and mashed it up.  I mixed in about 2 oz of formula with it at first and had the girls try it.  Seren sputtered a little so back to the kitchen I went to add more formula and mash some more.  I ended up adding about 4 oz of formula in the end.

 2nd attempt with more formula but still tiny chunks you can barely see
 What a ripe avacado should look like
 Small blender (LOVE this thing)

Tips:  They say you only need to mash this up like you would with bananas.  I found that even mashing my best left little chunks.  Kendall did okay with it but spit out the little chunks of course and I  think this is part of the reason Seren didn't like it.  I recommend pureeing (at least until your child is used to texture).  You don't need to cook it but pureeing makes it nice and smooth.

I also discovered I LOVE pastry bags for dispensing into ice cube trays.  I worried about making an all out mess pouring so I came up with the idea (at least I haven't read it anywhere else yet) to use a pastry bag.  It worked perfectly and kept everything clean. 

Cost:  1 avacados -$2  (probably should only use 1/2 of avacado for 2 servings)
Servings: 2 servings 
Prep time: 5-10 minutes
Note:  Do not freeze leftovers

The ratings:
Kendall - 4 stars
Seren - 1 star

Tools:  pampered chef masher (used - although power blender alone would have done it had I known) , small power blender (mine is by Cooks at JcPenny), pastry bag, ice cube trays (any will do; I bought mine color cordinated to what I will freeze in them - fruit, veggie and mix/meat)

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