Saturday, May 28, 2011

Freeze or Not to Freeze

I will definitely not claim to be an expert on this.  I have read up on it and what I've decided is that it depends on who you ask, for the most part, as to if something is able to freeze or not.  Many recommend freezing certain things, such as bananas and avacados, as halves or wholes of the fruit (not pureed or cooked).

So what I have decided to do, unless all sources I find say not to freeze, is to experiment upon it and find out what freezes well and what does not.  I will leave my findings in the notes with each preparation.

Upon freezing puree leftovers I use ice cube trays and have found these to be cheap and to work wonderfully.  I have heard that the silicone brownie pan by Wilton is also nice with uniform cubes (approx 2 oz) so I'm tempted to try this also.  I freeze my purees for probably about 12 hours and put them into a quart size freezer bag (labeled with date and expiration).  It is recommended that baby food only be left frozen up to 3 months (and probably best used before that).

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