Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our Critics

 I thought now would be a good time to introduce you to the critics for this blog.  My twin daughters, Kendall and Seren.  They are fraternal twins brought to you by the miracle of assisted reproductive technology (ART).  We couldn't be more lucky to have such beautiful and good kids.
Seren is our younger twin (by 8 minutes).  She is more social and giggly but isn't so inclined to physical activities such as tummy time and rolling over just yet (she did once on accident and it scared her into crying).  Kendall is our older twin.  She is more observant and somewhat shy.  She is more active and rolled over a month or so before Seren did and is excellent with tummy time.  She is warming up socially still.

From the beginning I have held the food I/we eat out to the girls for them to smell.  At first it was turning the noses up and seeming totally disinterested.  Now it usually comes to smelling it and sometimes opening their mouths like they want a taste.  Seren seems more inclined to salty/spicy smelling foods such as pizza and cheesy stuff and Kendall seems inclined to the sweet smells like fruit and chocolate.  We'll see if this plays out in the long run but I found it interesting.

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