Saturday, September 10, 2011


So I finally got around to making the beans that sat on my shelf.  I tried to make one type first and after following the directions on the bag (ie cooking 1 1/2 hours is all) decided this was not the way to go (that pot of beans went in the trash).  The next attempt I decided to cook the beans on low for hours (estimating 8 hours) but not sure.  This finally seemed to cook the beans to a tender state that could be pureed.  I added about a 1/2 teaspoon of salt because I figured beans would be very bland.  In the future I wouldn't do this.  They didn't need it.

Cooking Beans -general direction-
1 1/2 to 2 cups beans
The package said to spread them out and remove foreign particles so I spread them out and looked for anything unusual but found nothing (but I'm sure it's a safe measure).  Next, I submerged them in water, covering and then an extra inch.  I put this on my stove with a lid and cooked it on low for most of the morning and afternoon.  I think I finally got around to pureeing them in my large blender that evening when they were soft.  They tasted salty to me but my husband said they just tasted like beans to him (maybe it's just the red bean flavor I'm not familiar with).

Cook/Prep Time:  8 hours / 5 minutes to prep and 5-10 minutes to puree
Servings:  40 oz (2 1/2 ice cube trays)
Cost:  $1.25 (estimate)
Notes:  I was tempted to go with canned beans but after reading Wholesome Baby Food's advice determined as always that "fresh is best".

Kendall - 4 stars (red beans)
Seren - 3 stars (red beans)

*black beans are my favorite so we'll see how they like those a few days from now*

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