Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Incredible Edible Egg

Scrambled Eggs
We started off the morning with some scrambled eggs.  I made sure they were fully cooked (no runny or "shiny" egg) and also made sure to cut them into small pieces with the spatula.  Then I let them cool a little and served them to the girls.

Kendall - 3 stars (not so much a like or hate but she's been under the weather so giving her a 3)
Seren - 4 stars (but she had trouble grabbing or stuffing too much in her mouth and then gagging)

*always keep an eye on your child when giving them finger food (especially unfamiliar ones).  Also I think it's best to take an infant CPR class before even starting finger foods and refresher courses too.  I'm thinking of doing another refresher myself.  Most hospitals offer community classes on CPR for free or a small fee.

Update:  I asked about eggs at our 9 month appointment.  I had read that eggs should be cooked fully and I had read that only yolk should be given.  Well per my pediatrician egg whites should not be given until after age one due to risk of egg allergy.  They can be cooked into other items but alone eggs white whether fully cooked or runny should not be given at all.

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