Saturday, September 24, 2011

Finger Fooding It

I recently posted about finger foods and the cues to know when your child is ready for finger foods and what foods you might try.  But I thought it would be appropriate to post about the finger foods we have been enjoying trying out.

Cereal Puffs
-yep I'm a sucker.  The girls first exposure to a "finger food" was Cheerios so this seemed like the next logical step.  Plus they reportedly dissolve quickly in their mouth so I felt like it was a safer bet for the nervous mom I was (or am).  The girls loved them and loved feeding themselves but due to expense we have since gone back to Cheerios (more for the money and they still love them).

-simply toasted bread and then broke it into very small bite size pieces.  They loved this one too.  Also when the mango didn't really turn out I used the food mill to mash it up and then spread it on the toast.  The mango toast was also a hit.

Scrambled Eggs
-Thoroughly cooked scrambled eggs and split into small bites.  This was not a hit.  Perhaps it would be more popular next time.

- I used frozen mango (the type used for smoothies) that we had in our freezer.  They reheated nicely but were difficult for the girls to pick up.  This would probably be a no-go at this time.

-I cut them into 1/4 and then sliced them.  They had an easier time grasping these but they were still slippery.  They also seemed to enjoy them.

Cheddar Cheese
-I cut up small bite size pieces (similar in size to a cheerio) and then served them on their trays.  They didn't seem to know what to do with it at first.  Then Seren went after it and enjoyed it.  Kendall took her time and chewed each piece for quite a while.

Cottage Cheese
-I gave them a couple tablespoons of large curd cottage cheese.  They weren't sure how to pick it up but seemed to catch on and get it into their mouths.  I thought it was interesting that when first introduced to cottage cheese (that had been through the food mill) they did not like it.  This time they really liked it.  Maybe texture is a big role player at this age as well.

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