Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Foods to Try - 8-10 months

Foods I want to try within this range:
-scrambled eggs as a finger food
-blueberries (again?)
-grapes (cut up - with teeth?)
-cheese (cottage cheese, colby, jack and cheddar)

HOLY COW!! Can we say that is A LOT to get through.  It looks like they can have most things I have ever thought of giving them...minus the forbidden list (honey, certain dairy, nuts, raw eggs, etc)

As we enjoyed some watermelon over the weekend I was thinking...watermelon for baby?  I gave them some and they enjoyed it.

Notes on what I read:  Melons can generally be given from 8 months of age on.  Some believe it can be introduced earlier.  Some babies will develop a rash but from what I was reading this is more likely due to acidity of the melon (never thought of them as acidic myself) and not due to an allergy.  As always use caution just the same and consult your pediatrician prior to any concerning food choices or reactions.

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