Thursday, September 29, 2011

Letting Go...

(otherwise known as Here's Where It Gets Messy)

I am a pretty clean person.  No my house is not spotless.  I have twins and a life and as a friend once told me "happy kids are more important than a clean house".  So if you saw my house you would know my kids are happy.  But just the same I try to keep my girls pretty clean.  I don't like them covered in food at the end of a meal and I don't want to bath or change them two or three times a day.  But today I gave in and decided it is more important for them to learn to feed themselves than it is for me to try to keep them spotless (I was failing at it anyway haha).  Kendall is my neat eater and only ended up with food all over her mouth and hands.  Seren on the other in her hair and eyebrows as well as her mouth and hands.  We had cheerios, bananas and cottage cheese by the way.  They had fun and you know did I.  Maybe next time I'll just make messy meal time right before bath time and strip them down to their diapers first.


michelle said...

They are so cute! I'm thinking our dogs will come in handy when our kids are doing this.

Michelle D said...

Thanks. Its true. I kept telling our little dog that he would appreciate them more when they were a little bigger and now he knows what I'm talking about. Dogs are a blessing in a baby eating house.