Monday, June 6, 2011

Banana Mash

This almost isn't worth posting about because it is so simple.  Bananas are basically like avacado when it comes to preparing them as baby food:  wait until ripe, don't cook, mash up = baby food.  Can it get any easier?
 I used about 3/4 of a banana (less than 1/2 per child)
Seren didn't seem to like them
Kendall wasn't 100% sure either but did okay

Prep time: 5 minutes or less
Serving: approx 2 oz per child (1/2 banana would feed one I'm assuming)
Cost: $0.49 /lb (so maybe .25c or less) 
Freezing:  I didn't freeze these.  I made banana bread with my other two bananas.  I have heard that cutting them in half and freezing them is perfect though.  Unfreeze in the fridge overnight and then zap in the microwave if it's still too cool.  (Always check temperature of food before feeding your child).

Tools:  bowl and fork (what a concept)

Kendall - 3 stars
Seren - 2 stars

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