Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Organic Prices...I fear you no more

I made my first trip to the organic store.  With the girls no less.  Can I just say I still love my Double Snap-n-Go stroller because it fits and works in small store places.  I kind of don't want to officially get rid of it until the twins grow out of their car seats.

Anyway I was scared to see organic prices.  I have seen very little organic produce at my local stores.  But once inside the organic store I was surprised that it wasn't far from my non-organic prices (at least from what I can recall).  Here is my receipt:

Organic Pears  $1.05 lb - 2.68 lbs for $2.81
Organic Apricots $1.89 lb - 1.81 lbs for $3.42
Organic Avocado $0.94 each
Organic Butternut Squash $1.45 lb - 3.18 lbs for $4.61
Organic Fuji Apples $0.79 lb - 1.73 lbs for $1.37
Organic Acorn Squash $1.38 lb - 2.16 lbs for $2.98

I think the selection on produce must be a little better at certain times of day because it looked a little thin. (note to self: new produce on Thursday typically) They had sweet potatoes that were gone (sad) and some other items I saw prices for that were vamoose.  I did also check on some other things (frozen peas...yikes $4.99 for a small bag) and some other prices were a little out of range for what I'm willing to do.  But heck if you are lucky enough to have kids hitting solids during summer and produce prices are reasonable then why not.

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