Sunday, June 12, 2011

Peach Puree

Peach purees can be made from ripe peaches without cooking and also from not fully ripened peaches which are blanched (ie dropped in boiling hot water for 1 to 2 minutes and then immediately submersed in cold water to stop the cooking process) or they can also be cooked in a small amount of hot water.
First I peeled my peaches with a vegetable peeler and paring knife.  If the peaches are refrigerated beforehand it helps to ease the peeling.  Next cute the fruit away from the pit and discard the pit.  My peaches were mostly ripe but the middles were not quite as ripe as I would have liked so I cooked all of the peaches for a couple of minutes in hot water.  I then strained out the peaches with a slotted spoon, leaving the peachy water in the pot.  I didn't end up needing the water as the peach pureed well without additional liquid.  I did save the water as I thought it would make a delicious addition to their rice cereal.  Peaches were pureed in the small electric blender, dispensed with the pastry bag and then frozen and stored.
Peach juices and water
Prep time:  15 minutes
Serving:  16 ice cubes (16 oz)
Cost:  $.98 per pound.  I'm estimated 2.75 lbs as my husband and I each ate one. ($2.70 cost estimate)
Comparison: $.17 per ounce (vs $.13 per oz with Beech Nut and $.16 per oz with Gerber)
Note:  This is the first time that the cost benefit has not been beneficial to make the baby food.  I imagine if you find a better deal then $.98 per pound or possibly do this frozen that it would equal out.

Tools:  Small electric blender, large sauce pan, pastry bag and ice cube trays.  Container for storage of remaining juice/water; I would base off of my readings to not store this beyond 5 days.

Kendall - 1 star (2 star with cinnamon the second round)
Seren - 1 star (3 1/2 star with cinnamon the second round)

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