Friday, June 24, 2011

Papaya Puree

Another simple puree.  This is a non-cook puree.  You simply buy a ripe papaya, cut it in half and remove the seeds.  Then scoop out the meat of the fruit and mash it up or blend it if you like.  I think mine (a Carribean Red papaya) was a little less then ripe so the blender and a little heat worked better.  How to buy a ripe papaya?  I have actually never tried papaya before...I think it tastes somewhat like cantelope or a melon...I didn't really care for it (not very sweet...once again maybe because it wasn't ripe enough) but Seren seemed to really dig it.
Clean out the seeds and then scoop out the meat of the fruit
Prep Time: 5-10 minutes
Servings:  8 frozen and 3 set aside for eating (11 oz)
Cost: $3.98
Cost comparison:  $0.36 per oz (not available in jar that I know of; also not super cost effective.  I may have gotten more out of it had it been more ripe)

Tools:  small power blender and ice cubes trays

Kendall - 2 stars
Seren - 3 stars

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