Monday, June 20, 2011

Dirty Dozen and Buying Organic...

I am not a health nut or a conspiracy theorist or anything like that.  But I do believe that food has become contaminated by the need to produce more and "better" products.  To this end and after reading an article on I have decided to try to be a little more organic.  Not an organic freak mind you but to be a little more cautious about the food I'm making and giving them.  Here is an overview of the article:

What to Buy Organic :

Peanut Butter
Baby Food (or what you make it out of)

The Dirty Dozen
These earn the distinction as the most contaminated by pesticides; buy organic when possible!

* Peaches
* Apples
* Sweet bell peppers
* Celery
* Nectarines
* Strawberries
* Cherries
* Lettuce
* Grapes (imported)
* Pears
* Spinach
* Potatoes 

**for more info on the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 check out EWG's  Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in 

**I have read that jarred baby food is FDA regulated not to have pesticides, antibiotics and chemicals in it.  So buying organic versus regular jarred baby food may not matter or be worth the extra money...depending on your reasoning.

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