Thursday, June 2, 2011

Big Guns and Balance Sheet...

I broke out the big guns (full sizer blender) tonight and made some more green beans.  I also made some parsnips with my small blender (more on that later).  Parsnips were tasty though...I can see why babies would like them.

Also I am doing a price comparison on this round of groceries to see how much (and if) I am saving over the cost of bottled baby food.  I was very off in my estimate of each ice cube being 2 oz...sadly it's more like 1 oz per cube.  So this definitely changes my estimate of savings.  Either way I think it is worth it to know exactly what is going into their food and being able to add more variety but I'm still curious to see what the balance sheet is coming to.  I will post the information when it's figured out.

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