Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chicken Meets Blender...or is it really called a Chicken Puree?

I read somewhere that baby's can digest chicken from around 6 months of age.  Will they necessarily like it? Most likely not is my experience.  But since we were grilling chicken and had a spare small piece I told hubby to grill it up with no spices and I'd let the girls have a shot at it.

The chicken was cooked thoroughly and without season.  Then I cut it into little pieces (both to check that it was cooked and for easy blending) and threw it in the small electric blender.  It blended fairly decent and became what I would describe as "chicken sand" with tiny little grains.  I put this into three small containers (two in the freezer and one in the fridge).

The next day for lunch I added it to some sweet potatoes (something they love and I figured would ease the transition for them) and heated them up.  The verdict:  They didn't mind it all so much but the dish was not polished off.  I think we will put off further introduction until they are closer to 7 months.
Sweet potatoes with my "grain-size" chicken mixed in.

*Note:  If I were to puree chicken again I think I would mix it with some water or juice to get a smoother consistency.  Although now at 7 months the girls don't seem to mind the texture.

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